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Meaning of ñoqui

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It's the same as gnocchi. It's a type of Italian pasta. It is made with potatoes, flour, egg, salt and ricotta cheese. In singular and in Italian, the word gnocco means ball, bun, ball, lump, hairy.


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1o_ Each of the dough balls made with potato, semolina and sometimes spinach, scalded and served with sauce, typical of Italian cuisine and with versions in other countries. From Italian gnocchi ( ñokki ), plural of gnocco ( ñokko "bollito" ) . 2nd_ In lunfardo is "punch, punch". An etymology associates the ovoid and striped shape of the gnocchi with the fist, the closed hand. But there is also a quiño word supposedly of Quechua origin, for "hit, push", and 'gnoqui' may be his vesre; although it would have to be confirmed if the road was not the other way around, since the Quechua took many words from the Spaniard. . . and why not, from the lunf. In truth, it must be a festive deformation of tinking or perhaps rigging. 3o_ In lunfardo is also the "virtual employee" who in public jobs is listed on the form, but presents only one day a month, when he has to cash his check (obviously a morning to launder payments of corrupt politicians to his protégés). The irony comes from the gnocchi of the 29th, who prepare to eat them that day of the month.


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Paste made from potatoes, flour of wheat, butter, grated cheese and egg is cuese in salt water or milk and gratina in the oven


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