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Meaning of ñoco

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In Colombia, a "ñoco" is etiher a person who is lacking one or more fingers (or a whole hand), or the remaining flesh and bones of those fingers.
Synonyms of ñoco are  mocho
Used in Colombia as well Used in Colombia as well

"Ella tiene un ñoco en la mano derecha. -> Translation: She lacks a finger on her right hand. / Él estaba cortando yuca y quedó ñoco. -> Translation: He was chopping yuca and he cut his finger."


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gnocchi is a person's anus or buttock


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Noco Colombia is a piece of finger remaining after amputating a part. It means having a mocho finger. She has amputated part of one finger. That is a finger missing. Also it tells noco phalanx that stays in the hand. Piece, residue, stump, mocho. Noquito.


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