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Meaning of ñeque

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Cleft, bun, footprint or curvature (Navarra, Spain) due to multiple possible factors


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Colombia tells neque on the Atlantic coast to the chirrinche, tapetusa or homemade liquor distilled in pot stills. Equally neque is a rodent of medium size, very short ears which is also known with the names of agouti, guatin, guatuza, cherenga, jochi picure. Its scientific name is Dasyprocta punctata and belongs to the Dasyproctidae family.


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NEQUE: In Colombia, the rabbit-like animal.


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Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada

NEQUE: STATE OF CURVATURE TEMPORARY OF AN UPPER LIMB (ARM ).Elapsed time in straighten an arm that has remained plastered or splint for a long time in angulation.JARGON.


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Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

1: In the savannas of Sucre and Cordoba in Colombia called neque an intoxicating drink of homemade, which is produced from the traditional fermentation of the juice or sugar water: my grandfather got drunk with a bottle of neque. 2: In the same region is known as neque a wild animal or mount similar to the pig, larger than a rabbit, whose meat is very popular, so it is hunted or captured in the mountainous areas.


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Roberto Vasquez Lebolo



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