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Meaning of ñengoso

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Sebastián López


Nengoso is a synonym of chaca, but in terms of behavior and cultural behaviors is your way of living with lack of education and ways.


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

The term nengoso, is derived from ñengo. That Word is meaning Flaco, esmirriado, WIMP, desmedrado, alfeñique. In Cuba, they say nangado or nangoso. In Mexico they say nango.


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Nengoso are called the boys and girls that wear different clothes "nike" or "adidas" usually are false, attend dances also called marroneos where they practically have sex with clothes, most of them (not all) consume heroin better known in Ecuador as "H" and other types of drugs, live in neighborhoods more low in the city of Guayaquil.


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Nengoso is a person who is of low social status so they are called and speak with an unusual language


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franklin edison llivichusca sanchez

nengoso is he who gives himself like an application through Facebook, they call them nengosos because they themselves are given up to 1000 likes or likes 2500 in an application in seconds something that is tragic because they are creating awareness


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the truth nobody knows the true meaning of nengoso but seeing it by another point of view the people just it says because other more it said


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Tatiana Ramirez

Nengoso says to call the person who admires ñengo flow singer puerto riqueno creator of the RealG4Lifeque movement in Spanish means real gangster forever are not immature people either dress baggy or feel the big thing are the most humble youth who want to succeed and strive to do so, some have vices, but that with that many people have defects and nengo flow lyrics try street experiences by which many people had spend even without love... to stop insulting the nengosos all are human and everyone has their tastes.


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Graciela Toapanta

nengoso is incorrectly written, and should be written as "Nengo" being its meaning:
It is skinny or weak.


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Antonieta Lama

Nengoso or nengosito, known as 34 cientificamemte; nengus iditus " derived from latin, is a subspecies of monkey that has as Habitat urban areas of ecuador, is characterized by its attempts to recreate human customs, failing in an exaggerated mockery. This is said that although the mono view mono silk stays.


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Flaite, ignorant, spicy.


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nengoso not exite jajajajajaja criticism and talk of the nengoso and not realize that utter words that say the other talk that I do not know what RealG4life and your nor know what nengoso because there is that word not only speak for the social networks since ay took the famous nengoso were appointed nengoso not by their dress if not by that most put the name on facebook as your nensosito or your nengosita and see many similar Facebook names since most of them uploaded photos with their clothes nike or adidas were listed nengoso and not is that follow the nengo flow reggetonero if you look at clothing ñengo in very different wing of the named nengosos


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Usually teen people with bad taste in fashion, lack of personal love and exaggerated personality and lack of respect for the environment and the public. Stands out the male for his pants tight and collected up to the calf, hat and glasses to sleep and to the female by her shorts with suspenders and hairstyles-style onion or ugly gaisha.queeee


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Nengoso refers to the person who follows a lifestyle that involves believing that dress up fashion with renowned brands, it is popular, has a great personality, his tastes are exquisite, listens to the urban artist Ñengo and used the phrase RealG4life when they don't even understand the significance or even how to pronounce it. The youth of lower strata are usually named nengosos.


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Young Nengonso who believes: dress well and brand, which is fine and handsome, and is actually the opposite.


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nengoso is incorrectly written and should be written as " rated " being its meaning: 60; /br 62;People without a brain


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Henry Medina

It refers to a slight incompatibility contrast by combining two different liquids.


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