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Meaning of ñañara

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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


It is a feeling of discomfort, both physical and mental. It means widespread discouragement, weakness, restlessness, laziness and decay. Also in Colombia is discomfort, tingling, cramps, fear, anxiety, fear, itching. culillo, in some parts of Colombia, especially on the Atlantic coast, you're told nanara or nara a wound that does not heal and scab or sore of a wound, even bleeding.


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NANARA: In Mexico and colloquially, laziness.


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NANARA: Bug, bug.


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NANARAS: in Jaén, waste or dregs of any seasoning.


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Olivares E

nanara is incorrectly written, and should be written as "nanaras" as meaning:
Capsize, restlessness, disappointment


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Nose in Extremadura


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It is the end of fear or feeling fear


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