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Meaning of ñángara

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Person who succumbs to the designs of others who are above him, can also be seen as a person who follows the ideas of a leader who is unjust, arrogant, corrupt, etc. A person who fights for unjust and unfounded designs.


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Nickname used by the corrupt to insult those who report their crimes against the homeland


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A person with Socialist or Communist idealogies, who fights for social justice.
Synonyms of ñángara are  lefthies socialists communists
Used in US as well Used in US as well

"Some ñangara leaders were killed by the dictatorchip."


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José M. Francisco

I seem to recall that in isla de Margarita (Venezuela), also called "nangara" a type of parakeet, (also called them "dirty face") I have not been able to corroborate this information. Does not appear in the DRAEJ Francisco


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Oscar Gonzalez

Anarchist, disobedient, left, acute discomfort in the stomach.


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

The term means something out of mud, mud. Anarchist character, hoi polloi, lumpen, proletarian, izquierdoso, revolutionary, rebel scum of the society. In quechua language means Walker, who walks away.


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This expression is related to the Act of surprise or take some by surprise giving a twist to the situation. used as a colloquial saying in areas of Colombia.


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Guerrilla used by State security bodies for actions carried out or will carry out subversion. The information provided by the ñangara will be verified prior to be taken as certain


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person who believes with power to do what it pleases, loose, arrogant, outrageous and presumed, and do things at the expense of others


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NANGARA.-is said an individual that deceptively «justice» but incorrigible «I proud», «violent», «hatred», «killer» and «arbitrary» after his robe 40 holes;Alberto JIMÉNEZ ERUS )


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Estela Lunar

For me, as he did so I believe my mother, he was a stunted, emaciated and bony, that was what it meant, according to my ancestors


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Nelvi Mancia

It ñangara: a person of leftist ideology, an expert in assembling public and disorder with low knowledge of Marxist-Leninist theory. 2 person used by leaders for being a fan of the leftist theory.


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Dagoberto Bolivar

In the Governments of Presidents Ròmulo Bentacourt and Raùl Leonis, called the alleged guerrillas Communist headlining by Fidel Castro, who killed cops and assaulted banks to provide money for his adventures inscontitucionales against the governments elected democratically in the polls ñàngaras


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Jonny Juárez

It ÑANGARA: In good Spanish "Tireless fighter causes fair, own or of their fellow human beings, regardless of their social, economic status, race, religion or political creed "


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henry Gimênez

It was used much this term at the age of sixty denominàndose so the Venezuela Communist Party militants fighting against the Government of Rómulo Betancourt and Raùl Leoni.


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