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Meaning of ricercar

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ricercar is incorrectly written, and should be written as "ricercare" being its meaning:
The ricercare is a type of composition of belonging to the late Renaissance instrumental music, although it was mainly used at the beginning of the Baroque. The ricercare is considered the direct precursor musical composition of the leak.The word ricercar means search, find, and many ricercari make function of preludes for " find out " the key or mode in which the subsequent piece will be developed. Similarly, a ricercar may explore the permutations of a given motif, in which case you can go behind the piece that serves as illustration. Thus, "Ricercar sopra Benedictus " It develops musical motives from a Motet titled "Benedictus ".Ricercar term can also be used to appoint a study that explores the technical characteristics of a musical instrument.It is not clear to distinguish it from leakage, in terms strictly technicians. Even the ricercare from Bach's the musical offering, BWV 1079, can normally be tested as a leak. The only thing that can give them a different dye is its writing in long values, wanting to resemble an ancient script for this reason.


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