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Meaning of quixote

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V.M. Hjor Ku Xoans


Quixote: lunatic. Typical personage that presumes a protagonic role. Embodiment of a role assigned to less indicated actor. Madman who takes a supposed role in the apodosis of his outpatient mental state. Wandering, walking man and is prey to his own mythomania, acting according his own insanity. Who presumes nobility. Figure rethoric of a indomitable centaur. Houghty horsman with military airs. Don Quixote: fabulous character of the work of Miguel de Servantes Saavedra entitled &#"The ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of The Mancha&#", written between 1605 and 1615, whose heros are synthetized in a universal problem that goes beyond any interpretation.


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