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Meaning of killa

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It is a word of the Quechua language that means month. Twelveth part of the year. It also means Luna. Lunar ciclu. Pura killa is Full Moon and Qhaqmiy killa is the month of January.


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"Killa" or "Mama Killa" means Luna or Diosa Luna in Quechua, a language originated in the Peruvian Andes, and still spoken in much of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Colombia. In Inca mythology, the goddess moon or Killa was the goddess who protected women, wife of the Sun God "Inti", is also considered goddess of fertility, marriage and menstrual cycles. It is also a proper name of girl, rare and little used today.


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girl, who commonly wears. Demonstrative, very short clothes with the navel to outside or with the queue outside this type of girls is generally either a ( that go with any guy or many at a time, also has a very uneducated vocabulary uses words of very low level as example ( this chick referring to another girl, or that bitch, pelotuda, kid , etc 41. Almost the same thing happens with the guys only when it refers to killo means guys who has many girlfriends and wear jeans shit with hats made and sometimes or with typical hairstyles with long hair almost always ride motorcycles with low cushion and exhaust pipe open for that usually aga noises, also walk with portable radios that put on their bikes their bikes have typical designs of this type of guys like naked girls and things as well. They are usually used to make a caravan course that accompany them are the killas, and similar to the killas tend to use vulgar vocabularies as for example ( that tembo, dogs, kape, tavy, etc ) Conclusion: to conquer a boy killo used mini short shorts tops with fringe and the shorts come out a little your tail and you use impeller. OBS: the shirt must have a picture of minnie or love. To conquer a girl killa have to ride motorcycles and get dressed as a killo have many brides make willi on your bike and other things. Greetings from Paraguay I hope you served beyond the information.


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