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Meaning of kachariy nuna

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kachariy nuna

It means releasing or releasing people. Give freedom , release . free.


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"KACHARIY NUNA" can be either some variety of central quechua (ancashino, huanuqeño, norlimeño or pasqueño ) where the word "NUNA" replaces "RUNA" and means "people". Or, some variety of peripheral Quechua, where the word "NUNA" means "soul, soul". The spelling is the current official for the different varieties of Quechua or Quichua from Peru, but the meaning would vary depending on which quechua it is: in the central Quechuas would be "loose, liberated" and "man, i.e. "liberated man", while in the peripheral Quechuas would be "soul or liberated soul". In any case IT IS NOT CASTELLANO , BUT QUECHUA .


What is the meaning of kachariy nuna in the Quechua open dictionary

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