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Meaning of jallalla tawa inti suyu kollasuyu by Javier Alfonso Tenorio Maureira

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Javier Alfonso Tenorio Maureira

jallalla tawa inti suyu kollasuyu

It is a mix of words in Aymara and Quechua: "JALLALLA!" is an Aymara expression of jubilation equivalent to our Spanish "Viva!" , "Bravo!" . "TAWA" is "four" in peripheral Quechuas or Quichuas, "CHUSKU" in central Quechuas, and "PUSI" in Aymara. "INTI" is the word currently used in most Quechuas and Quichuas to designate the Sun, but its true origin is puquina, a language spoken by the Tiahuanaco and the entire Altiplano area, and in its colonies in the present-day regions of Cuzco , Moquegua and Tacna, and where "IN" meant "the Sun on its zenith" and "TI" probably sigfia "region" or "moment" : "ANTISUYO" , the eastern region of the Inca Empire, would be a mescolanza of the puquina "AN" or " Sun Naciente" and "TI" , "region" or "moment" and the Quechua "SUYO" , in the traditional spelling, "SUYU", in the current official spelling for the different varieties of Quechua and quichua from Peru, and would have meant "Region of the Moment of Dawn". The opposite case is in the "CONTISUYO" , western region of the Inca Empire, according to the traditional spelling, also known as "CONDESUYOS", and with that name is a province of the Arequipa Region. The current official spelling is "KUNTISUYU", where the same phenomenon that we have already seen would occur: "KUN" is "Sun Poniente" in puquina and "TI" , "region" or "moment" , creating what would become "Region of the Moment of the West Sun". The original words for "Sun" in Aymara were "WILLKA" and "RUPAY" in Quechua, and as far as I could find out, in the Quechua de Pacaraos, almost extinct, north of Lima, the Aymarismo "WILLKA" is used to designate the "SOL". I hope I didn't create more confusion for you, of which I am ultimately not the author. It is worth remembering that the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, the son of a Spanish knight and an Inca princess, wrote that the Incas, the ruling ethnic group of the Empire, had a secret language that they only used among them and it is speculated that he was the puquina. I have no news of studies between the puquina and the kallawaya, language used exclusively by the kallawayas, healers of the Altiplano, ALL males. But I do know of the existence still of an "AQLLAWASI" or "House of the Virgins of the Sun" in the area of the Altiplano, a poorly studied region, and worse investigated, to everyone's shame. And in conclusion "JALLALLA TAWA INTI SUYU KOLLASUYU" is nothing more than a sucker both linguistic, and orthographic, meaningless.


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