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Meaning of pepetotl

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The games played by the Aztec children, and toys that they preferred to do so, a chosen by the Aztec children toy was the spinning top they called pepetotl, is today known as spin. Also the children were playing with paper dolls, and articulated dolls; the chichitli was a toy in the form of a dove that children used as a whistle, this toy can be seen nowadays, there are various forms, sounds, sizes and some of them operate with water simulating the singing of the birds. Also playing with the sand and the mud, the Aztecs were fans to games of chance, and therefore bets that they were carried out. The totoloque was a popular game that consisted of throwing a few small lumps, about a few ingots. The player who pulled more ingots earned somewhat, and which reached five points winning the game. Mapepena of scavenging "collect" and maitl "hand", literally "pick by hand, the game consisted of players betting certain amount of spheres of clay or seeds, then a player placed on the back of the hand bet seeds and threw them into the air the seeds, tried to catch the biggest number of them until they fall to the ground. I hope they serve.


What is the meaning of pepetotl in the Nahuatl Huichol open dictionary

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