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Meaning of tonali by Fred Montoya (NOPALTZIN).

Fred Montoya (NOPALTZIN). Image
Fred Montoya (NOPALTZIN).


1) A submission from Mexico says the name Tonali means "Sunshine, day and fate." and is of Aztec (Nahuatl) origin. 2) Destiny/Fate 3) Throughout the many years of reading books from Nigel Davies, Leon Del Portillo, Different Codex, as well as Moctezuma’s Mexico (The Spaniards version of the Inquisition)...I’ve came across The word Tonali meaning Destiny/Fate and sometimes interchanged with the spelling being with the two "ll’s" Tonalli. 4) A middle name I gave my Daughter (TONALI) ??
Used in Mexico as well Used in Mexico as well

"Ones Tonali (TONALI/FATE) was determined at birth...basically One’s Days"


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What is the meaning of tonali in the Nahuatl Huichol open dictionary

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