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Meaning of marquis

Jorge V. de Duizeide Image
Jorge V. de Duizeide


French marquis is Marquis and it is possible that Spanish Gypsies have become France and received the name of a noble of the Gallic country. The truth is that I have known many Gypsy with this surname in the Argentina and all have an enormous air of flamenco. But as we know the Gypsies are nomads...Jorge V. de Duizeide BrañaBuenos Aires, 4 June 2012


Jorge V. de Duizeide Braña Image
Jorge V. de Duizeide Braña

It is deformation of Marquis and comes from the Latin. Last name assigned by a Marquis to a Gypsy which had fallen. Jorge V. de Duizeide Braña


What is the meaning of marquis in the English open dictionary

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