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Meaning of hookah

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Asier Gómez


hooka: reprresenta .se evil death says that the day of reckoning that goddess malicna is llavara those souls bad and full of sins to make them suffer for all eternity.


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Erenio Gómez

Mechanism used to lure to the person.Instrument of Oriental origin, used to make surveys.Practice used during a time unutil between people according to sex.


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Spain translation is CACHIMBA; )


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Andrea Peralta

Hookah diving: is the compression mechanism gives air which provides a flow and a pressure suitable for diving with rtespiración assisted by pumping from surface at small depths providing a breath under water for diving.


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a pipe written as pronuciado could tormarse as hooker prostitute ) ( English " hooka "


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pretty young girl


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hooka was an instrument used for smoking marijuana XD


What is the meaning of hookah in the English open dictionary

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