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Dream of dog

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Dream of a very friendly dog may mean that there are good friends and that will get new friends.If the dog is white and gets amicably it may mean that it will soon achieve the success you are looking for, either in sentimental, in business or at work.A young woman means likely to next marriage.If on the other hand the dog is black suggests that there is covert enemies who try to harm the soñante.Dream owner of an intelligent dog that knows how to do thanks (is like thinking about himself), can mean that it approaches some prosperity in your life that could become economic boom.Dream of a dog for hunting or Hound (police) chases him may mean that the soñante has linked illicit very dangerous (is equivalent to saying that the law is watching).Dream of several small, playful dogs may mean that it is flippantly, acting without seriousness or record.Dream dog weak and unpleasant appearance can mean that there will be problems in business, in the family and to diseases, particularly children.Dream of the barking of dogs can mean that soon there will be various problems, including losses.(Be careful with this type of dream, because it may well be that, indeed, any dog in the neighborhood were barking.)Dream that some dogs that bite or are about to bite can mean that soon it will have serious problems in the issues that are driving with friends or relatives, all of this caused by her selfish attitude, which implies that there should be a review of his conduct.Dream dogs that Chase a Fox or other type of hunting Announces good luck and happiness in the immediate future.When a woman dreams of possessing a nice dog may mean that it is selfish and possessive.If this woman has a lover or at least a pretender, may mean that you it's a FOP, a fatuous, liar and vain type.Dream has fear a huge dog of fierce aspect may mean that there are internal doubts relating to business by receiving offers far superior to those they already had.A woman of marrying age that you don't this can mean that he intends to marry a man distinguished for the high society and perhaps very rich; However, is fearful of not being able to achieve this.Dream that some dogs barked ominously may mean that other people criticize him and that they are disrupting family relationships.Dream that you listen to the howl of a dog announces the possibility of a death or only the disappearance of very dear people, family members or friends.Dream that several ferocious dogs barked and fight warns about the risk of the soñante to suffer attacks by his enemies who seek to humiliate him.Dream that dogs and cats live together in peace, but suddenly begin to fight, it may mean that the soñante is close to having emotional breakdowns because of bad misunderstandings.Dream of a dog with many heads means inadequate mental concentration and the futile effort of trying to manage at the same time various Affairs and business, with an excessive expenditure of energies that exposed it to a disease.Dream an angry dog who tries to attack, but did not succeed, can mean that his work effort and do not produce the expected benefits, and that is also exposed to a delicate condition.Dream that he is bitten by an angry dog means problems in employment, bad relationships, disadvantages in business and likely to some unfortunate event.Dream that he is followed everywhere by a dog may mean has the protection of superior forces, that there are good friends and that you will succeed in affairs that is driving.Dream of the dog that follows is swimming in the water means next success, wealth and happiness.Dream of a sleeping dog suggests internal peace in the soñante to have a clear conscience.Dream an angry dog who kills a cat Announces pleasant surprises.Dream of a dog that kills a snake Announces good luck in your future.Dream an angry dog Announces activity of enemies trying to harm the soñante; But if the sleep dominates the dog, and better if it kills you, it may mean that the soñante will solve their problems defeating their enemies and competitors.Dream of hunting dogs during a hunt suggests that there will soon be very favourable changes.When a woman is dreaming of hunting dogs suggests that you are or will soon be in love with a socially inferior to her man.When a woman dreams persecuted by hunting dogs suggests that her beset many admirers, but not all with good intentions.

What is the meaning of dog in the Dreams open dictionary

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