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Meaning of krishna by krsna bandhu das

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The name of Krishna means do some references discussing the why Krishna is called does Krishna do.???A selection of comments from Srila Prabhupada and talks about the name of would Krishna do, including its Sanskrit etymology ( origin of the word ).?? The meaning of the name does Krishna do: do the name of Krishna means do todo-atractivo do.????? God draws everyone, i.e. the definition of do Dios do.?? We we see many photos of Krishna, and see that he attracts to cows, calves, birds, animals, trees, plants, and even the water of Vrndavana. It is attractive to the shepherds, to the gopis, Nanda Maharaja, the Pandavas, and for the whole human society. Therefore, if any name can in particular be given to God, which is the name of would Krishna do do.???Etymology of the word would Krishna do: do Krish do the word is the attractive feature of the existence of the Lord, and do na do means spiritual pleasure.????? When do Krish do the verb is added to do na do the affix becomes Krishna, which indicates the Absoluta.¿La true etymology of the name does Krishna do: If look at the Nirukti, or semantic derivation of the word do Krishna do, we have na means that it stops the repetition of birth and death, and Krish means sattartha, or does existence does ( does not remember '?????????? ' am I am ' ' in the old testament?. (Krishna is the whole of existence. ) Do attraction do also media and krish-na means ananda, or do happiness do. do Todo-atractivo do, name of does Krishna do, can only apply to DIOSen a conversation Srila Prabhupada taught: Krishna means do todo-atractivo do .sugeto '??????????? '(B) ' ': Oh, I see.Srila Prabhupada: Yes. God ( as such ) It has no name, but for their qualities we give names. ( even complies with YHWH = YAHWE, Yave, Lord ( that are derivations of this ) If a person, for example man is ' ' 39 bonito; ' we call it do beautiful do.?? If a man is very clever, call you do prudent to do.?? So the name is given according to the quality. Because God is TODO-ATRACTIVO, the name of Krishna can only be applied to El.Otro Krishna meaning is: do todo-atractivo do.?? It includes everything.


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