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Meaning of eire by Anónimo

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The origin of the name Éire is uncertain, and several theories have been advanced. There is no doubt, however, that only is of considerable antiquity. First appear as ( Ierne ) in the Greek geographical writings which can be based on sources from the fifth century B.C. In the correspondence of 40 Ptolemy; ca. l50 A.D. ) the name appears as ( 41 Iouernia; some such form was transcribed in Latin as Iuverna. The standard Latin form, Hibernia, first appear in the works of Caesar, which seems to be confundidola with the word 40 Latin hibernus; just 41. Ériu, the old Irish way of Éire, was present in early Irish literature. The modern English word Ireland is derived from the Irish word Éire with the addition of the Germanic word track. In Irish mythology, Eriu was one of three divine eponyms for Ireland, Banba and Fódla. The idea of Ireland as heroine reappears as common ornament in a latest in Irish and English literature.


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What is the meaning of eire in the English open dictionary

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