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web nueva

After many sweats and efforts. . . Finally! Christmas has brought us the new website of the collaborative dictionary. We have tried to make a site more presentable with the latest technologies of the Internet, more intuitive, more secure ( Connections 41 SSL; and with some improvement in the introduction of the contributions that we hope to be of your liking. It is very likely that new bugs that we will muddle through progressively emerge to be a beta as they appear and we go reporting. Tell you also that have implemented secure connections with the site it can be that some older browsers may not see site, in these cases either browser is updated to latest version or switch to another as it may well be Chrome , Firefox etc. . In this new version we have isolated each of the dictionaries so that words are not crossed between them, whenever you select one from the dropdown menu from the top, each and every one of the 40 features; stats, searches, queries, request It is etc. . ) they refer to the selected dictionary. In the form new contribution are now allowed to put references to the dictionary in which we are working and some letter such as bold and italic formats, have also put a check so that you can tell the system to save the name and email for the next time that you introduzcáis a contribution. Another important feature that has been added is the one that appears in the search box next to the magnifying glass, this button allows you to directly insert a new definition without having to search for it first. Indexes of dictionaries also have changed and have been organized in a more intuitive way to facilitate the search for words with the letter starting. Soon as it is stabilizing and advancing in the new version there will be more news.


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