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TRanscribo┬┤parte of a the 40 nation newspaper article;41 Argentina; of the 05 - March - 2011: "For a small group of people, collect may become an uncontrollable obsession, which encloses them--literally--in a world of garbage that few can enter and that they sometimes cannot escape. Compulsive accumulators tend to give them a sentimental value to things that the rest of the people considered garbage " he told the nation Dr. Gail Steketee, Professor of the school of Social work at the University of Boston, United States. "The impact of this condition on the quality of life of the patient and its " is similar to that seen in severe as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia 34 mental disorders. Hence, the need to address their treatment with the seriousness it deserves. " "But is there something more complex, which is the plot of behaviours that the accumulator imposes himself and others in the care and preservation of these objects. "


It is a relatively new term that refers to a desoden of conduct in which the person is compulsively aumuladora of objects and things that apparently have no value.


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