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V.M. Hjor Ku Xoans

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Xoanism : philosophical doctrine in which it suggests, that the art of music must be preached as a gospel. Lucid state and disposition of the mind during oneiric visions, which is achieved by means theoretical knowledge and, constant practice of music art, con emphasizes on one or several instruments. Gospel from John the Baptist.


Chat: dialogue online, virtual conversation in writing and through a computer network. Internet cafe. -ear: virtually a coffee via the Internet. Conversation objective simultaneously between two or more people who navigate cyber space at different distances.


Latin: a native of Lazio. Lobato; said is the infant puppy of the Wolf, the Fox and in general all dogs, which reproduce onomatopoeic beats while they feed, trying to quarrelling with his brother a same tit. Hostile antagonistic element who is derogatorily " dog thief " as a " son of bitch ". Figuratively, a comparison to, or Romulus and Remus, antagonistic twins adopted and raised by a she-Wolf, is made and which became the mythical founders of ancient Rome. Descendant of any ethnicity Latin during the colonization of the Americas by Europeans.


UNICEF: United Nations International Children ' s Emergency Fund - international emergency of the United Nations Fund for children. UNICEF, founded in 1946, to assist the children of Europe after the second world war, and that seven years later, became a permanent body of the UN for the defence of the rights of children, around the world.


millerite: religious move of kind Millerist &#(William Miller -1840&#), dissident from the Adventism, whose cult eliminates the liturgical rite, anouncing an imminent apocalypse while every faithful sing praise songs, and another says its testimonies depositing the tithe.


Taliban: term of Arabic origin, which does allusion to fanatic pupils of the Islamic thought, which born into Talib&#'s mind, Muhammed&#'s uncle, to who everyone called &#"talib&#" &#(it meaning student&#), because always was studying several Scriptures, into preparing a mixing, very confused that compiled perhaps precepts of Judaism and Christianity, as well as many lies, and it which later received the name of Koran. The talibans are then, fanatic crazies between Islamist muslims, whose principles based on Koran are suggesting the destroying everyone, if it is that they don&#'t believe that the only God it&#'s Allah, and that Muhammed is his prophet. Veterans of the anti-communism had founded a Taliban Move, with an extremist Islamist doctrine, which governed to their country from 1996, till it was overthrown in 2001, but they regrouped from 2004 as an insurgent move in Abganistan.


Pharit: term from Arabic origin, it meaning &#"The Only&#", and that alluded the priests of Judaism with Arabic language. From this word has derived the title &#"Pharisse&#", as God&#'s priest, although later, Pharisee meant hypocrite person.


Karma: term of Sanskrit origin which referred to in Eastern religions to the good or bad of a causal event consequence. Effect, reflection, consequence, result, coherent sum many causes.


Braille: Louis Braille; ( 1809 - 1852 ) French educator, blind from three years of age, student and teacher of the institution for the blind in Paris. In 1829, he was serving his 20 years and celebrated with his best friends his invention, the alphabet BRAILLE, which consists of a system of raised dots, in a code that allows the reading of any text, using the tips of the fingers touch.

holy grail

Holy Grail: the Holy Family, descendants from Shem Noah&#'s son, Adam&#'s son, God&#'s son. Mysterious term which alludes esoterically, to a conscious fraternity whose members act in peace and in total sobriety, while its body coming into Resting. - &#(Bible: Genesis 28,10-19; 1Kings 3,5-15; Hebrews 3,7-19; Revelation 21, 1-4.


Brutality: bestiality, inability of brain, to think in reasonable ideas useful oneself, and another in the solving problems. Sleep of conscious. Mental delay. Nonsense, defect of sum of them, evident into beast psychology. - Antonym: intelligent.

red skins

Red Skins: native man from Center and North America. Despective term used by the English, to allude to native in the fifth continent. It is used in Spanish, preceded by article, to allude to natives from Caribean, because be they smeared with animal fat mixed with red plant pigment. The esoterical Anthropology, considers to red skin, as a feature of the fifth subrace from fifth Race of the human species, having in count that exist persons of crimson skin.

vm hjor ku xoans

V.M. Hjor Ku Xoans: Venerable Master Hjor Ku Xoans. Venerable Master of Gnostic Initiation. Hjor Ku Xoans, is the Admirable Name with that Mr. Guillermo Machado Calzada be reveals before world. Masonic profile: from childhood, he has lived experiences in which be persuaded by himself about his eminent oneiric pre-existence, and after he known Gnosis as a elementary school of esoteric studies was to them later, as a Masonic member of M.G.I. founded by Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor, Avatar of the Aquarius Era.After several years of straggle and failures, he was apostate fron that Masonic Order, but is called back again by Abba, The Father at the beginning of s.XXI. He wins and reaches his Master´s degree, not for a human conception, merely, but because of his own mystical experiences.


Facebook: Book into systematized informatic with unlimited number of pages, where are registered sites and intelligent persons, as member of a web of friends, to enter from time to time in a opportune contact and objective.- Facebook, has been created by Marck Zuckberg, a young descendant from a Jewish family, and student of Harvard University, in the United States of America; who his twenty-three years old, becomes a billionaire, presiding even today its own enterprise, from modern Headquarters of its offices in Palo alto, in the Silicon Valley of California.


Candlestic: device in dish form with a handle, and intended to stand one candle in safely. Candlestick: liturgic instrument hebrew, where be put the seven candles as symbol seven congregations of Asia Minor and their priests &#( so called &#"angels&#" into Revelation&#), subject to the Jewish Church of Jerusalem.


Guevas: roe. fish egg. Testicles of vertebrates, always two, both contained into a scrotum. To think in the ---- of the rooster: be say self so, when one is distrated, when mwntally one is gone, or for be thinking about other things unrelated to real-time present.


Semitism: exact conception about the meaning of &#"The Turth&#", as a spiritual reality inherent to a lucid living during vision of dream. Sobriety of spirit while the body sleeps. Virtue, evident by innocence and the simplicity, own in the babies of all criatures. Meekness of a being, generally he who be suppose he has known &#"The Turth&#" for be a &#"free Being&#". Messiah´s Thesis, that it proclaim the adoption of men as descendants from Shem, the Noah&#'s son, when they have full sobriety while itself dreaming, even the body be in rest. Antithesis: el antisemitistmo.


Fornication: excesses in the folk behavior. Hystherical fanaticism for the risk spectacles. Uncontrolled exaggeration of the pleasures and vices, or generally sexual fantasies.


Devil: fabulous personage very malignant, represented in the selfish and ungrateful person, obedient to a dark thought or any antithetical doctrine. Satan; the God&#'s wrath; military detachment on hostil contingency state. Rethoric figure very natural, which it be represented with an armed revelion on unhappy communities. Uncontrollable fury of the elements of nature.


Quetzal: name of a bird with wonderful plumage. Mythical bird of Mexico, that like a eagle who devoured a snake, it transformed in &#'Quetzalcoalt&#'; and according to prophe of Mayan, it was called &#'Pumed Snake&#'. Title of the dignity freemasonic that according Gnostics, refers to a Grand priest and Master, that was King to all Mexico.


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