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V.M. Hjor Ku Xoans

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Antixoan: antithesys of a philosophical side based on the Xoan. Thunderous sensation that prevails during pause, hindering to inner ear to listen a soft and gentle hiss. Adverse to mystical silence. Dialectic argument purporting to show a through reasoning and conclusion of false data on related issues. Opponent to the Thesys of Messiah Xoan.


Consciousness: sobriety that one supposes a Gnostic conserves, so much during oneiric experiences, as in his quotidian living. Gnosis. - The woken consciousness, lets to dreamer while he dreams, that he do with full liberty. Be in use of senses while one is dreaming or into quotidian. Antonyms: autism, madness, oneiric death.


Consciousness: sobrietythat one supposes a Gnostic conserves so much during oneiric experiences, as in his quotidiant living. Gnosis. - The woken consciousness, lets to dreamer while he dreams, that one do with full liberty. Be in use of senses while one is dreaming or into quotidian. Antonyms: autism, madness, oneiric death.


Awareness: somatic ability of convalescent.Acceptable conditions in the diagnostic, about symptom and senses reflexes. To be sober of itself. Process of thoughts with reasonable ideas.Sobriety into the vigilant mood. Be in use of senses and thoughts during the quotidian works. Antonyms: fainting; madness.


Sanskrit: literal description of the items of Sacred History. The Scriptures. Set of books, chapter and verses from The Bible. Literaly stile of the Gytas and Vedic songs, whose original hand writing, are attributed to Grand Master Vyasa, as a Semitic Thesis. The Sanskrit, is the prophetical language of Phylosophical accents, applied to the translation even coded of Sacred Texts. Read----: speak about mysteries with Orthoepy, explaining clearly each word of Doxology and the meaning of all prophe. ------knowledge: The gift of tongues; ideal knowledge of Sacred Terms and meaninig.


Ku: name with which according Egytian mythology, was alluded the country of the oneiric scenaries. According the Gnostic esoteric Liturgy &#'hjor Ku&#' is interpreted as desert of Ku. -Hjor Ku : Admirable Name that for its definitions and Doxology characteristics is related to the prophet of Rá -The Sun-, a version of Jonah, into The Hebrew Scriptures and The Arameic.


Hjor: Sanskrit term should be interpreted as desert, loneliness, intimate unit, psyche, inner; makes explicit reference to the impersonal of the inner being, when be he&#'s dreaming. Hypothetical country of oneiric scenaries.


Viticulture: the art to cultivate vines in a technical way and rational, so that the region can become emporium of that industry.


Quixote: lunatic. Typical personage that presumes a protagonic role. Embodiment of a role assigned to less indicated actor. Madman who takes a supposed role in the apodosis of his outpatient mental state. Wandering, walking man and is prey to his own mythomania, acting according his own insanity. Who presumes nobility. Figure rethoric of a indomitable centaur. Houghty horsman with military airs. Don Quixote: fabulous character of the work of Miguel de Servantes Saavedra entitled &#"The ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of The Mancha&#", written between 1605 and 1615, whose heros are synthetized in a universal problem that goes beyond any interpretation.


Form: suitability acquired from some paradigm. Figure of the body. To ------: infinitive form of the verb.-------al: paradigm; who forms to other; friendly and eloquent person, very generous man worthy to imitate.-------er: of old; that it was from before or who has lived for a very long time ago.


Rule: elemental imposition and immediate of some obligations, without to give much time and in a verbal way and despotic. To ----: gobernar. ----r: utensil to draw lines.


Order: distribution of the turns and tasks into a logistic body, according to a protocol. Book with content of the precepts, secrets, misteries and priesthood&#'s exercise and/or Freemasonry. Sacrament of----: priestly votes. The elite or class with degrees and ranks who are promoted from novitiate to the high priest or Grand Master &#(Venerable Master&#).


Lawful: legal; that it&#'s contemplated into Constitutional Law.


Law: the Text of the norms and constitutional precepts of a country. Sanskrit term that arise from &#"Lew&#", to mean a model &#"Bill of Rights. The Secret own Book of the Masonry.


Atman: Sanskrit term that is interpreted as Golden, VITAL light, lighting, GLOW. Ideal activity of a luminous device, whose splendour is evident through the fog or frosted glass. Optical effect of bodies murky tranlúcidos when they stand between the eye and the highlights.


Manas: Sanskrit term meaning "The mind " alución to the Faculty of thinking, processing reasonable ideas. It binds to 'Atman - Buddhi ' when reference is made to a Trimurti, or impersonal trinidad at the junction of the body, spirit and life; What lacks one of these principles, has no personal activity, as the three principles have seat in the brain.


Gentiles: settlement of people with some degree of Greek, that looked like profane, external or natural education ( mundane ) nothing knew concerning the Cemita 40 philosophy;Gnosticism ) whose Ortología absolute was reserved for Christians converts to the Christianity.


Image: aspect of the things or its reflex in a mirror, which they can to impress the any observer&#'s mind or whom it looks itself in it. Statue or portrait that for its aspect it represents a person or an other thing. Glaring figure reflected into a mirror or that it&#'s watched by means a viewfinder, film, or in the television signal. --Oneiric images: dreams, mental visions during the night.


Licentiousness: unreasonable attitude to live with gayety and with impudence, and with a morbid autonomy or impudence that breaks with the better coexistence norms. The licentiousness consists exactly , in to let to one do all how one desires, as well as do the things although be bad, or do tasks unwillingly or works.


Livestocks: it&#'science that it studies the technical exploitation of animals in each specie particularly. In English, The Agricultural Sciences include also, the farming technics and raising of animals.&#(in Spanish: Ciencias Pecuarias&#).


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