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Hello I am a person who all read it, so are ridiculeses. The information this someday there I lack hara. It may be part of a puzzle. Curiously in the book of Job cap 38: 36 to 40 more or less mentioned these constellations. Speaks of the constellation Kima, (Arcturus ) 40 Kesil, Orion, 40 Mazarot; not be if refers to the Zodiac or in specific but if to the Zodiac ) And Ash which is our Sun. In the chapter one of the book of Job is talk of a reunion in heaven. The reunion was of God with the angels cherubs ( 41 creation engineers; even to the same Satan. Or who can disprove the Bible the word of God. Still have not heard to a scientist say 34, that book does not serve " because in the courts is what is used for the juramentacion. Or you can. In the book of Matthew 24 speaking of signals and end cap said a rescue party of angeles los for humanity. Jehovah sent his son Jesus ( son and in command of a mission together with the millions of angeles ) But curiously well known is that Jesus said " Look at I'll be with you every day until the conclusion of the 34 system; And chronologically are in that conclusion. Moses God told him "I sere who sere " that is what it means to Jehovah. Or that I see him as the want to I see him. If you have wings or not, if rubio or not. Clear that Lord and Jesus are not the same person. Jehovah is the Almighty Father that if man sees dies by his great power. Now in 21st century have, according to it has been said in the Bible, all signals which were written. Let us not blind people because until scientists are alarmed. That if it is part of a cycle, clear that it is. We are not saying " he knows the devil for old than by Devil " But who is more old? If Jesus is in charge of things of our planet, our Sun ASH than as true will be about the Ashtar command. It will be the same Jesus as the said. I read their articles and they are well convincing. They are not a religion, but we have to make sure because curiously the same Bible warns in the book of revelation of a great beast disfrasada of lamb makes great miracles. This still to be seen. What is clear is that we do not know certesa what is happening behind the clouds ( space ) We are just comensando. Scientists draw conclusions of agreement to what we have and the behavior of the elements. We know a few, but we cannot say that there are no many more elements alla outside. And they talk about a few million years but with certesa can not say. Diran 4 million, but who contradict them if no one was there. What is certain is that there is a great power that has all controlled will be dark energy? Is not more than the same universe? It is not within that dark energy that occurs or planets and life are created? Everything has a perfect cycle and a purpose. Conclusion Hate destroys love builds. Interestingly, the Bible says God is love.


I understand that Ash is our Sun.


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