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eleborastros  54

It is one of the multiple common names having the plant Helleborus viridis of the family Ranunculaceae. Also has other names such as: Green Hellebore, fetid Hellebore, green sign, omen, ornavario, saguerro, vedegambre, chiguero, snake flower, poison flower.

litódomos  44

The litodomos Bivalves are similar to clams but smaller.

abuná  45

abuna is incorrectly written and should be written as "Abuna ( is 41 name;." being its meaning:
The correct term is Abuna. It is the name of a province in the North of Bolivia ( Department of Pando ). Name of a river in the same area.

abuehuete  67

It is also called Ahuehuete, drum of Encino, Sabino, Montezuma Cypress, Tule, Mexican Cypress, Ahuehue. It is a coniferous tree of about 40 meters in height, originating in Mexico. Its scientific name is Taxodium huegelii is of the family Cupressaceae.


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