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Meaning of yaguar, yahuar, yawar

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yaguar, yahuar, yawar

It means blood. The name of the Ecuadorian Lake Yahuarcocha (Yaguarcocha) means Lake of blood, because of the reddish color of its waters.


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Jaguar, Yahuar, Yawar is incorrectly written and should be written as " r " being its meaning: 60; /br 62; Its original name was Titu Cusi Huallpa. Yahuar Huaca ( that cries blood ) It refers to acute conjunctivitis which suffered from when he was a child. During his brief reign he sent some expeditions commanded by his brother Vicaquirao who managed to annex some villages of the late and cuntis. With the ayarmacas he had no thanks to his marriage with breast Chiquia, Princess of the Kingdom. However his reign was shaken by the rebellion of the huallacanes who arrived to kill Paguac Huallpa, the successor of the cusquenian Prince in an ambush. The Inca revenge was terrible; completely destroyed the village of Paulo and killed hundreds of huallacanes. When preparing a large expedition to conquest at the collas of the Cuzco and Lake Titicaca was a religious festival, broke out the great rebellion of the cuntis that surprisingly joined the Cusco and killed many men including the Inca, who was found hiding in the Intiancha. A sudden storm saved the incas of one greater misfortune; the cuntis withdrew foreshadowing the fury of the gods. The chancas took advantage of the confusion and the weakness of the cusquenian and again invaded the Quichua of Apurimac, moving dangerously towards Inca lands. Before the death of the Inca and without an official successor orejones nobles was named as the new sovereign Huiracocha. Yahuar Huaca didn't have time to do his own Palace, but his sons formed the Royal ayllu Aucaylli Panaca, they took care of their mallqui and kept his Government's report.


What is the meaning of yaguar, yahuar, yawar in the Cayambi Caranqui open dictionary

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