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Meaning of cachiguango, cachihuangu (cachi-huangu)

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cachiguango, cachihuangu (cachi-huangu)

Cachiguango, 40 Cachihuangu; Cachi-huangu ) It is incorrectly written and it should be written as "Kachiwango" being its meaning:
CACHIGUANGO: Word composed kichwa amounting to: KACHI: salt ( product sacralizado in pre-Hispanic times 41 lkos; WU: DiminutivoANGO: resistant, difficult to perish. At the time of the Inca Empire the ANGOS were regional bosses who were leading human conglomerates and vast territories KACHIWANGO: Lord or Chief of the salcita / leader of the sacred salKachiwango is a word well known in Otavalo-Imbabura-Ecuador


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