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Meaning of geza

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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


It is a word in the Basque language which means pleasant, pleasant, fresh.


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Pedro Antona

In Navarre there is a Valley called Guesálaz/Gesalaz, and the pass the Salado River, there is also a salinas, Salinas de Oro. Here, the meaning seems to be the opposite: salt water. The same thing I found in the seaside resort of Zestoa. Apparently, in its origin, medicinal water, salts, was found and was put into operation on a source of the hamlet of Gesalza. I don't know if you have any explanation for these shapes apparently contrary to the expected sense. I write from a tablet that will not let me do so in Basque.


What is the meaning of geza in the Basque open dictionary

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