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Meaning of urbasa by R.j.r.p.p.

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Explanation of forest of water, taking into account that here was born the linguisca, including Latina, because the same LaTiIn, also meant to side glued and at his feet...Well as oak Ar-Iz, the Pena-estrella - AmaOna, is being revered on the sly as a tree, then the next patriarchal mythology, it was not with Chiquita, its S. " Ex officio " once went on to dominate, it has been the best tool or killing machine in all history. The same might say LiZaAr-RA, LiZaArAte-LiZaArAga-LiZaArUste, who before Ash, all them, we spoke of the same place, as its gateway address, extension, beliefs... AbaArZuZa-you-like em Sandals-feet of... its abarras, Etc-Abalos and then overcome the gentilicio right, also the spiritual father, because in this place, being the root-Zi, the same as your door Ate, here they departed their AteAz-Oz, MorAz-Oz, as continuation ArRiA-IzKa, of the same ZiMenEz-ZaAnZiOz, where were all the people, their iniciados-preparados - heads and then Kings...The " 34 House; of these, still calling or called as MorAzZia...By reason and the root cause of the penalty...Always in reference to gave it (ZA ) which all said it and from where it all started...UrBaZa we still of the same, is why this " family " its current villages, are that greater community have in their terms and called limitations...BaKeDaAno was its large and positive HUMO-Hogar from those regarding other cultural charge of contacts with those, who already had gone to the beyond...DuLaAnz-UrIzAga was the point of their work and... of its continuation in your contacts... ( formerly a step never occurred without talking to his dead )...It is so clear and simple, everything stays enrolled, what big and beautiful book...Placing a greeting to any curious about our own idiosyncrasies... why all were BaAzkoOnEk


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