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Meaning of urbasa by R.j.r.p.p.

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As well, then still UrBaZa - those of the positive star-AmaOna; ( always with respect to it, then on the other hand were those-OrRiAk and, are GaArZia from the root of the 41 penalty; where the AnDia was the global computation, whose telluric fertile mother nature center, was the great penalty star AzAnZa, known in many other ways as Ar...Therefore being AnDia importantly because they belong to all the " 34 families; gens in their OrRigenEz; This it can be seen in the vast majority of onomastics, included in latinas as copies, this syllabic language of Ezpana and its IbBero... Hence the change to valleys, the ArAnDiGoiEn-BaAlDiErria-BaAlDiEga-BaAlDiZaArbe or BaAlenZia, resemblance to the syllable An, still single tells us how great for them; LeIzaAr () Pa (41 AN;PeLoOna; BaAr (DiAr; AN 41 () Za (An )TiAgo and a thousand more. These semantic changes, ( as say Plato son of ArIzToOn another descendant BaAzKoOn ) and much later the eminent Chonski; This was the best way to cover the previous truth and; also the best tool for " manage " the masses...Shakespeare, after reading the classics and visit us, comprendiendolo said about when it knew it, NaBaArra awed the world...


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