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Basque Open dictionary by Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada

Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada

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Gajo:e a part or a portion that is taken from a cluster.


monomer. monomer: ( uno-parte ) It is a small mass of atomic or molecular molecule, that combined with other monomers to form macromolecules called polymers.


Pepper: hit surprising, unexpected. THUMP.


Halibut: makes reference to the fish Marine's body flat, long and oval, of color Brown and white. edible meat.


meander: Jesus is a curve defined by the course of a river, whose undulating or broken, nature is emphasized.


metope: ( opening ). It is said is the rectangular piece of marble or stone which occupies part of the baseboard or trim of the architrave, located between the grooves.


Chinese island Haina:Provincia from different islands, being her main or the most important, the island of hainan.


nefron. nefron: Jesus is the urinary system; the Constitution or urine, and its filtration into the kidney structure.


xylophone. xylophone: ( madera-sonido ) musical percussion instrument of sound itself, similar to the order of the piano keyboard.


metallophone. metalofono:Instrumento music composed by various tubes, or sheet metal, with musical notes defined and tuned in each of its elements.


Prosody: ( to the lado-cerca of... ). said is the quality edge represented in tone, the accent and the modulation.


Lexia. Lexia: Jesus is the voice. 2 Word, expression, sound, diction.


Polito:Apellido of Italian origin. 2. Please, pleasantly, attractively, beautifully.


gezur-hideout: abyss of lies. ( gezur: lie, deceit, lie ). ( hideout: hole ).


eponymous. eponimo:Nombre of a person or a place that is taken to assign the name of a town, an institution, or anything else.


freeze-dried sample. freeze-dried: dissolves facilmente.se breaks down, is unleashed. 2 Jesus said is the product that has affinity with the solvent.


Aita: applies to Dad, father, pa, cucho and old.


estoma:son small pores that pass through the membrane of the plant allowing communication in the natural fluidity of the steam from the inside to the outside of it, ( 41 plant;


Furrier:furriel: Jesus is of the administrador.2. warrant officer Chief of staff.


sexual progesterona:hormona produced by the ovaries that deals prevent or prepare the lining of the uterus to implant the fertilized egg.


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