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Basque Open dictionary by Inés Merino

Inés Merino

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Defines who is most likely to be injured, assaulted or live adversity,




For example


Set of people of the same age or of close ages, who have experienced a nearby cultural and educational influence.

hankaz gora

Expression used when something is turned upside down. It is also used in the face of a shift or turn that baffles or twists.


Gossip, rumors


Wound , Cut Is correctly written




worsen, degenerate, dwarf, lose quality, decay, degenerate.

alde hemendik!

Get out of here! or out of here!! Command expression to expel someone from somewhere

egurra eman

Take a beating in its double direction : on the one hand, hit someone and on the other hand, pound, crush or win to spare in competitions or games.

hori dela eta

Connector that means for it, that's why, because of that, because of that


SartUezintasun is the correct word and not Sartezintasun . Refers to the impossibility of entering or penetrating or impenetrability.


Stupid, foolish, borono, dumbass. It comes from the union of two words in Basque "arto" - corn and "buru"-head, and has double acept, on the one hand, means cob and on the other hand, it is an insult that is emplied to refer us to people boronas or bobaliconas.


It is the term used to affectionately refer to mothers in Basque.


It is the courtesy formula that is used in Basque to say goodbye at night or when you go to sleep.


Potxolo is used as affectionate adjective to refer us to people who are nice, pleasant, tender, sweet, achuchables. Above all, it is used in reference to boys and girls.

gero arte

It's the courtesy formula for saying goodbye to someone or so on.


Nice or pretty. It is an adjective that is used to refer to something or someone beautiful or beautiful.


Great, magnificent, well, in abundance


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