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  1. For the Buenos Aires lunfardo is " cash ". The original gesture would be to extend the Palm of a hand up as he hits it is repeatedly with the knuckles on the other, to indicate that " it should be 40 tickets; in principle were 41 currencies; on the hand, one at a time, ". " TACA taca " It is an onomatopoeia of those blows, to reinforce mimicry or when one speaks or writes and hands cannot be displayed. See: trigger.

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  2. Wooden game that takes the form of a table, has a minicancha of football and figurines of players that are supported on some levers which are given movement for hitting a ball that makes soccer ball, usually 1 Archer 2 defenses 5 midfielders and 3 strikers, obviously has the objective of the game is to score more goals than your opponentIt plays for 1 or 2 people per side

    Example:"at Christmas got me a table, so when they call me pa who come to play"

    Foosball nbsp; Minfutbol nbsp; Foosball nbsp; Foosball

    Author: EdxAlbO (Placilla, Chile)
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  3. Money, pay, put silver

    Example:"Ronaldinho will not make an advertisement if there is no table"

    Pay nbsp; Putting guita nbsp; Put the papota nbsp;
    Antonyms:Free nbsp; Wave

    Author: Caro (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
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