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The pollakiuria is a urinary symptom, component of mictional syndrome, characterized by the increase in the number of urination ( 41 urinary frequency; during the day, usually of small numbers and reflecting irritation or inflammation of the urinary tract. It is often accompanied by other symptoms of urinary bladder tenesmus and dysuria syndrome and nocturia.The most common cause of frequency tends to be a urinary tract infection, especially in women.During pregnancy in women is considered normal sign, although the existence of urinary tract infection must be ruled out.You should also be considered that this symptom could be generated by the existence of a tumoral pathology of benign or malignant origin which may rest on the comprimiendola bladder, as it is sometimes the case of tumors of ovary in women, however the most frequent is that this symptom is due to primary pathology of the urinary tracks.In men, especially in over 50 years, we must also rule out infection, but we must also differentiate a benign hyperplasia of prostate in prostate cancer. The man is uncommon urinary tract infections so in the presence of this any other alteration, such as for example those mentioned above should be suspect.It can also occur as a symptom of irritation of adjacent organs to UTI as appendicitis, vulvovaginitis, endometritis, colitis.Some drugs such as diphenhydramine can cause frequency
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polaquiuria, this page shows the meaning of polaquiuria ,also the definition of polaquiuria translated from Spanish to English. Finally translate polaquiuria from Spanish to English plus synonyms and antonyms.Whats the meaning of polaquiuria in Spanish.

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