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  1. A person who does not demonstrate what is truly

    Example:"Juliana is a morronga, she looks so Holy, but in reality it is not so."

    False nbsp;

    Author: Anónimo (Tulua, Colombia)
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  2. Little used but define "morrongo" as one small much cat as an adult.

    Example:"My morrongo is very cuddly!"


    Author: Marcelo Benetti (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
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  3. Insistent, heavy person.

    Example:"what morrongo you are!"

    Heavy nbsp; Insistente

    Author: Anónimo
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  4. Male sexual organ.

    Example:"It shows the morrongo."


    Author: Anónimo
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  5. It is a loose, lazy, but above all very quiet person

    Example:"Joshua is a morrongo to eat...
    Vanessa is very morronga for cooking
    Eliezer is morrongo shopping.."

    Lazy nbsp;
    Antonyms:Loose nbsp; Quiet nbsp; Atenido nbsp; Fresco

    Author: Maria Castillo (El Vigia/merida, Venezuela)
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  6. In parts of Colombia, it connotes a lazy person or which shows little desire to develop some activity.

    Example:"... that Jairo, is a morrongo. always quietly, slowly...
    I don't want to work with Mariana, is a morronga, we are going to take much!"


    Author: Alban Mauricio (Maceio, Brasil)
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  7. Adjective indicating slow

    Example:"Jairo is morrongo."

    Slow nbsp; Despacioso nbsp;
    Antonyms:Fast nbsp; Agile

    Author: Humberto Mayorquin Hernandez (Bogota , Colomb
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  8. in mexico is a beetle of Brown that flies, which appears only when it is rainy season

    Author: tatiana
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  9. Argentina he says so to the State of the penis which did not have his erection, flacido or media machine in Argentine slang.

    Author: GUSTAVO
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  10. Morrongo: Cat carnage by extension be tells the Assistant of the tablajero. It is said also a loose, lazy person

    Author: Octavio Castillo y López (México)
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  11. Butcher Assistant

    Author: Anonimo
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