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  1. Way to call a cat ( as if Jack made us some cases, Pst. . . ). Born as an abbreviation of Micifuf, one of the characters of the Gatomaquia, of Lope de Vega. See: Zapaquilda.

    Author: Anónimo
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  2. It said the action to separate into two equal parts gain

    Example:"We do work but we deal us michi michi, do not make me speak"

    Author: Anónimo (Perú)
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  3. Especially to cats, prostitutes making Saints.

    Example:' is mine is a michi michi "

    Cat nbsp; Bitch nbsp;

    Author: Car (Tartagal, Argentina)
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  4. Of low kiln, of low level or category, vulgar.

    Example:"Both spoke of her husband, banker and when I met him I noticed right away that it is tremendous michi michi."

    Vulgar nbsp; Low nbsp; Current nbsp; Ordinary nbsp; Unpleasant person nbsp;
    Antonyms:Nice nbsp; Special nbsp; Delicate nbsp; Distinguished

    Author: Jacinto (Estocolmo, Suiza)
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