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  1. 1. Ticket or ballot delivered as legal proof of payment. 2. In pastry, called Bill sweet parts, larger than the dumplings, which are eaten with breakfast or snack. The name is typical of Argentina, where the Guild of bakers was compound mainly by anarchists who supported the workers and the working class by rejecting in general 40 authority; Church, patterns, police, Government ) , and pointed to his philosophy by calling " Bill " their products ( that etymological actually were manufactured ). As a joke, renamed many desserts that were known in Buenos Aires as: " watchman " Bill long and 39, ( 39 gallons; custard, by the police on duty at the corners ) " 34 fraile ball; ( Berlin, making reference to heavy testicles of a cure and not the Franciscan belt 41 balls; " 34 nun sigh; ( alluding to his orgasm, ) " 34 sacramento; ( Baker also to divine grace ) " tohajiilee of dulce de leche " ( irony by 41 military armament; , . . . The name Yes respected is that of " 34 Crescent; - )

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What is the meaning of factura in the SPANISH open dictionary

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