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  1. Beautiful skin color. Moreno clear. Natural tanning skin. Obtained from the bark of the tree of Canelo 40 spice; Cinnamomum verum in the family Lauraceae ).

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  2. Cinnamon comes from the inner bark of the canelo ( CINNAMOMUN VERUM or ZEYLANICUM ) the family tree of the Lauraceae very common in the ancient Ceylon. From very old, its value was much appreciated, both in medicine and in gastronomy. Due to its composition, it has recognized effects sedative and healing, originating from are also aphrodisiac powers. Used since ancient times as air freshener and flavoring of different types of dishes, and despite knowing since long before, its culinary use is introduced in the Iberian peninsula, and in the West in general, by the Arabs. Established, of always, one of the products of forced trade of merchants and traders, precious treasure for caravans and Spice irreplaceable among the varied and colorful, selection of any oriental Bazaar. Term " cinnamon " he went on to define what is good, being synonymous with not without delicacy of exoticism, aunando aroma and colour in the application of the word, hence the Spanish expression " cinnamon thin " to refer or describe the Supreme and hardly surmountable. In colloquial language, the expression " 34 cinnamon skin; It incorporates undeniable sense evocative not only referred to a toasted the skin tone but also the scent it, able to transmit olfactory sensations only available to very sophisticated senses performing capabilities. Incorporates, in the same way, the original meaning of the Greek term KINNAMON, translated into Spanish as " wood sweet ". Cinnamon, in any of its forms or figurative use, creates habit of consumption, resulting in whom it enjoys feeling of serenity and well-being. It is associated, use restricted to situations or special moments, of particular enjoyment and banned to the non-speaking, as any word that is part of a language exquisite, cult and exclusive.

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