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(Of thelat.)(verecundia).

1. f. embarrassment of the spirit, which usually turn on the color of the face, caused by any offense incurred, or any action dishonourable and humiliating, employed or self-employed.

2. f. prudery, estimate of own honour. Man of shame.

3. f. shrinkage or short-sightedness to run something.

4. f. disgrace, dishonor.

5. f. penalty or punishment which was to expose the accused to the afre

public with some sign that denoted their crime NTA and confusion. Draw to shame.

6. f. ant. Ribbon or front crossbar of the doors.

7. f. germ. Plays of the woman.

8. f. pl. External parts of the human organs of generation.

shame of others.

1. f. That one feels for what they do or say others.

taste it shame.

1. loc.

verb. Ant. Take respect or regard a person to another still present.

losing someone the embarrassment.

1. loc. verb. Abandoned, lowering in his conduct.

2. loc. verb. Discard the shrinkage or the short-sightedness.

get to the shame to someone.

1. loc. verb. Impose the punishment of the shame.

2. lo

c. verb. Colloq. Force him to make publicly ability, when you have stunted or mistrust of play it well.

be something a bad shame..

1. loc. verb. Colloq. Be very ruin or inconvenient.


    Author: Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada
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    Author: Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada
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  3. fear of the rebuke of the group or society.

    Author: ernesto ordinola
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