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(Of thelat.)(oratio, - onis).

1. f. work of eloquence, reasoning in public in order to persuade listeners or move your mood. Deprecatoria, funeral prayer, opening.

2. f. appeal, deprecación, I would ask that becomes God or saints.

3. f. elevation of the mind to God to praise him or ask mercedes.

4. f. time of the prayers.

5. f. Gram. Word or set of p

alabras that expresses a complete grammatical sense.

6. f. Rel. In the mass, the church prayer and public rogaciones, particular deprecación which includes the commemoration of the Holy or the feast of the day.

7. f. pl. First part of the Christian doctrine that teaches children, featuring the our father, the Hail Mary, etc.

8. (Because at that time played in churches the Bell so that the faithful pray the Hail Mary). f pl. Point of the day that is anocheciendo.

9. f. pl. The same touch of the Bell, which in some parts was repeated in the morning and afternoon.

prayer active.

1. f. Gram. One in which the subject performs the action of the verb.

prayer adjectival.

1. f. Gram. The qualified subordinate CA that works as a complement of the subject or of another addition to the main sentence .

prayer adverbial.

1. f. Gram. The qualified subordinate CA that works as a circumstantial complement to the main.

prayer composed.

1. f. Gram. Which is composed of two or more sentences simple linked grammatically.

prayer coordinated.

1. f. Gram.Itprayer composed the Union of the components is performed by the coordination.

prayer of blind.

1. f. poetic and religious composition that memory knew the blind, and they said or sang through the streets to get alms.

2. f. reasoning di

Cho without grace or heat and in a same tone.

prayer of relative.

1. f. Gram. prayer adjectival.

prayer Sunday.

1. f. The our father.

prayer duct.

1. f. prayer.

prayer mental.

1. f. recollection of the soul, which brings the mind to God meditating on it.

prayer roll-call.

1. f. Gram. Which lacks of verb or, in any case, presents one copulative. Snow year, year of goods.

prayer passive.

1. f. Gram. One in which the grammatical subject does not perform the action of the verb, but that receives it.

prayer main.

prayer simple.

1. f. Gram. Which has a single predicate.

prayer qualified subordinate CA.

1. f. Gram. In compound sentences adjectives, adverb and substantive depends on the main.

prayer substantive.

1. f. Gram. The subordinate to

It makes the job of subject, direct or indirect complement.

prayer vowel.

1. f. Deprecación made God with words.

corrupt the prayers.

1. loc. verb. Colloq. Intervene in a matter to disrupt it or frustrate it.

breaking sentences.

1. loc. verb. Interrupt the conversation with some impertinence.

? V.

House of prayer

part of the prayer

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