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    Author: Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada
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  2. Person's bad reputation, which work with bad intentions, bad faith, bad milk

    Example:"Oscar turned out to be a Duff, when asking to speak for us"

    Cagador nbsp;
    Antonyms:Well-intentioned nbsp; Cabal nbsp; Honest

    Author: Jose Tovares (Sobremonte, Argentina)
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  3. Cow or horse dung.

    Example:"que asco! step on horse bosta!"

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  4. Manure from veal.

    Example:"The worst of this stable is dejan accumulate the Duff and it sucks all the colony."

    Manure nbsp; Shit

    Author: Gloria Fuentes (México, D.f., México)
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  5. 1. Cow excrement.
    2. Something of poor quality.

    Example:"1. The road is full of bosta.
    "2. That car that I bought me salio a Duff."

    Author: Marccelo Fuentes (San Jose, Costa Rica)
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  6. 1. Cow excrement. Dung.
    2 Lie, hard to believe story

    Example:"1 - The corral is filled with Duff."
    2. That kind if talking Duff."

    Dung nbsp; Lie

    Author: José Luis Restrepo (San Cristóbal, Venezuela)
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