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  1. Woman

    Example:"Who is this mine is with javier?;""You what need you is a mine!"


    Author: Natalia (Córdoba, Argentina)
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  2. Woman

    Example:"That's a beautiful mine"

    Woman nbsp;
    Antonyms:There is no

    Author: Anibal (Parana, Argentina)
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  3. Woman who is very good physically

    Example:"this mine is a goddess"

    Sexy woman

    Author: (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
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  4. It is a place from which are extracted precious minerals, can be underground or inside some caves.

    Example:"" In the mine found much gold"
    "The workers of the mine, are tired" "

    Author: Anónimo
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  5. In the previous generation was a stunning woman and something fatal, today young people use it to refer to any woman, even to men (Minho), though in this case one desirable from the female perspective

    Example:"Aunt Paulina, mines are the richest of sota chimbirocas"


    Author: Patricio (Melipilla, Chile)
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  6. In Honduras, he has two uses:
    1. it tells so to excrement (shit).
    2 - when one is lucky or have money or fortune.

    Example:"1 - I stand in a mine (I stand in a cake of shit)"

    2. old hey these mined with that woman. (entiénda_se como que tiene una buena mujer con mucha plata o que la mujer este bien buena) "

    Shit nbsp; Fortune nbsp; Silver

    Author: Mario Salgado (Olancho, Honduras)
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