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Welcome to the largest educational and research project of the English and Spanish language online. This open and editable dictionary aims to provide a tool which, on the one hand, users expand their knowledge on the different meanings that can be adopted each of the words and phrases in the Spanish language. On the other hand, give the ability to the same community to extend the database with new words, unknown or unregistered trademarks or enlarging the different meanings that can take existing words. And according to identical words in the world that we move is very common to find uses completely different, which is why, so once quoted the official definition dictionary allows users to extend it with new meanings and nuances. In short, a dictionary edited by the users and for the users. Daily from all meanings uploaded by users select one of them as a word, expression or theme of the day. This meaning will appear on the home page right after this presentation for at least 24 hours. Finally note that we have the project extended to words from other languages or disciplines, you can access these dictionaries using the links at the bottom of this page and the performance is identical to the main dictionary. Hoping that the use of the dictionary is to your liking we parted.

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mumaque es valuartesensillezfasimega diverso
de mareala palabra agitarjugónque es boneteintradiegético
busileseminenciaque es magnifisienciazanguangamaterial grafico
toxoidekaypaeskertiren antonimoaparpanevi
gasteromostioescindedemás estáretaliacion
escamaaventajadorevocatoria del mandatoestuporjugón
jugónnómadainstanciaagitarapodíctico sinonimo
irradialkamikazeaalcausileselasticidad muscularcomatografia
reiserque es amarizolaguna de intihutanajolesk se ini
linfosnomadastargaYaguar, Yahuar, Yawarsuperproparoxitono
vergeljalonarhomogéneotener una expresión lunáticablasfemia
amainadoensimadocolonoiba armado hasta los dienteshologramatica
hervortai chiostentemosestrechez intelectualemmanuel

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2Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz 1793
3Anonimo 1106
4lidia ines 952
5rolando escudero vidal 619
6V.M. Hjor Ku Xoans 433
7Francisco Valdez Mendoza 367
8Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada 255
10Felipe Lorenzo del Río 197

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